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Hugo La Reservee

Hugo started his Healthcare sales career back in 2009. His keen eye for business opportunities and his understanding of the Healthcare landscape in South Africa took him to various roles in multinationals such as 3M, Covidien (Medtronic) and Johnson and Johnson. This led him to be approached by European and Indian  multinationals to lead their growth efforts for a footprint into the African Healthcare market. Hugo's has formed many strategic partnerships with governments and channel partners alike across the SADC region. His ultimate passion is to do humanitarian work in Africa in the not too distant future.

Bruce Manuel

Bruce is the founding member of PMB Health and Safety Services. Having completed a Marketing Degree in the United States of America, those global experiences prepared Bruce to become a serial entrepreneur. Following on from his 8 years in the Financial Sector, he established PMB Health and Safety Services. He was instrumental in the strategic directional shift of PMB Health and Safety Services to become a leading health systems strengthening entity in the health sector in Southern Africa. He has a growing and sustainable network where his forte is strategic stakeholder engagement in health sectors in Southern Africa.  Key deliverables for Bruce is to continuously foster strategic stakeholder relationships in both the public and private health sector and ensuring health systems are strengthened for longer term sustainability.

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