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Services provided

  • Sourcing of Medical Devices locally and globally.
  • By utilizing our network of suppliers locally and globally combined with smart sourcing strategies, we help Health providers ensure procurement of quality products.
  • Project Management of Turnkey Medical Device Projects.
  • Medical Device Advisory and oversight support for Hospital Infrastructure projects.
  • Sporicidal and Antimicrobial Curtains

    Antimicrobial & Sporicidal Curtains significantly reduce the risk of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) being transferred via curtains by care workers, patients and visitors.

  • Antimicrobial Window Blinds

    Our roller blinds play a key part in preventing infectious diseases.


  • Curtain Tracks

    Our anodized ceiling and suspended curtain tracks are light weight and create a bright clean image in Hospitals.


  • Hospital Cleaning Products

    We offer effective decontamination solutions.

  • Hospital Building Technologies

    Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) is an intelligent platform that integrates building and energy controls, communications, safety, security, IT, business systems, and analytics software into a web-based interface. This creates a powerful yet easily managed IP network that helps hospitals run more effectively, from day-to-day operations to faster crisis response.


  • Connected Hospital Technologies

    Connected Services is a portfolio of technologies leveraging the connectivity of buildings, to improve how facilities operate and the experiences they offer for those who visit and work within them.


  • Intelligent Life Care Technologies

    Honeywell’s Life Care Solutions have led telehealth for more than 15 years, helping clinicians track patient care in the hospital and beyond. Our solutions enable clinicians to remotely monitor chronic patients, tracking both standard vital signs and custom parameters to develop customized care plans and guidance.


Product offering

We supply and install the following products:

Advisory Services

Our Team of Specialists are available to assist Public and Private Health organizations with their efforts to deliver quality healthcare. We support their objectives from: Conceptual to Design and Implementation phases for green and brownfield Hospital Infrastructure projects. Our common collaborative objective is to consistently ensure quality and safe health services are delivered.


  • Strategic consulting to National Governments on matters Health Care.
  • Strategic consulting from a Project Management perspective to both Public and Private Sectors.
  • Health System strengthening from an equipment perspective viz:
  • Local and Global Equipment Sourcing Specialists.
  • Clinical Engineering Advisory Capacity.
  • Clinical Advisory Capacity.


The Global COVID Pandemic resulted in Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) taking on new meaning. Our innovative IPC products, supported by our Globally respected IPC Specialists, provides our clients with the assurance that, their continued efforts to minimize cross infection whilst keeping staff, patients, and visitors safe in their Hospital facilities, is at the forefront in our IPC products and solutions.


  • Infection Prevention and Control System strengthening.
  • International IPC accredited training.
  • Infection Prevention Advisory Capacity.

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